• No more headaches

    The poor man's adulterant phenacetine is an old-fashioned painkiller.. Although you may develop kidney, bladder and/or liver problems from this you'll probably not have a headache...

  • Coke: are you getting ‘the real thing’?

    Research shows that average purity of street cocaine can drop to as low as 30%. Dealers are cutting their merchandize at your expense, both financially and health wise.

  • Drug testing saves Lives!

    Testing drugs before taking them is a smart thing to do. It saves lives.
    Think of it as using a condom: Use protection, Just say Know!

  • Over 60% of street cocaine is tainted with Levamisole

    Levamisole, a veterinary drug might be linked to an illness that leaves the body unable to fight infections. Why take this chance if you can easily test for this?

What is levamisole

Street cocaine is quite often impure, because dealers are known to cut it with other substances to increase their profit margins, see also this page. The substances that they use for this can be relatively harmless, such as mannitol (baby laxative) or lactose. Other known adulterants can impose serious health risks for the user.

Levamisole in cocaine

Research has shown that more than 60% of street cocaine is cut with levamisole, a veterinary drug to deworm cows. Repeated ingestion/snorting cocaine can cause severe damage to the nose. Smoking of freebase cocaine can cause breathing difficulties. Chronic use of levamisole can cause your immune system to shut down and develop into a disease called Agranulocytosis, also known as Agranulosis or Granulopenia.

impure cocaine levamisole effectsPatients in hospitals have had serious skin blackening, cough, nausea, diarrhea, and sores around the mouth and anus. In large doses, the drug can completely inhibit the immune system, preventing the body’s natural mechanisms from fighting infections and can result in death. Even small amounts of cocaine can contain large amounts of levamisole.

We have several tests that can help you steer clear of levamisole, however, not using cocaine at all is by far the healthiest (and cheapest).


Cocaine Identification

cocaine identification test

EZ Test for Cocaine Identification, formerly known as EZ Test Scott, can be used to test for the presence of cocaine and crack cocaine. All our test kits are super easy to use.

Within seconds you will have a pretty good idea of what you’re dealing with!

Cocaine Purity

cocaine purity testThe Cocaine Purity Test enables you to quickly get an idea about the purity of the cocaine.

Just add 20 milligram of your sample to this test and you will have a result within seconds!

Cocaine Adulterants

cocaine adulterants testFinally there is a test that can detect the presence of levamisole, phenacetine and/or ephedrine in cocaine.  By using this easy-to-use, inexpensive test you can be assured that your sample isn't tainted with these crazy adulterants.

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cocaine test combo pack
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